King louis xiv a disastrous ruler essay

Roussillon and France, Westport, CT: Louis XVI began by reinstating the parlements to gain the trust of his people. It was from this location that he ruled France for his entire reign. This was an effective approach for him. It was from this location that he ruled France for his entire reign.

He had the support initially of his ministers, then that of the French people. Louis XIV had a very successful reign as King by strengthening royal power, boosting the French economy, and by setting high standards in arts and sciences which enlightened France. For five years, Louis would suffer fear, cold, hunger and other spirit-breaking events.

Although credited with bringing France to the status it achieved, his policies concerning religion, his isolation of the throne at Versailles, and his last will combined to lead to the downfall of the monarchy.

Though seen as a strong ruler, France lost power under him.

Absolutism under Louis XIV

The Parlement of Paris convened to fight the will and, in doing so, rediscovered its own power. He put an end to this debacle; in a time of separation, he sought to unify his people and he was able to do so. But in his successes, France was altered for the better, permanently.

Overall, his military reforms helped France sustain a stronger army than ever. Often uncared for, he nearly drowned because no one was watching him as he played near a pond.

Comparison Of Charles I And Louis XIV Essay

He often referred to himself as the Sun King; strategically coming up with such a name because the world revolves around the sun, as he wanted the people to revolve around him. Implementing the idea; once more, that he was absolute ruler of all things.

When in rule, he made it clear that his word was law. First, his reign saw the triumph of absolutism, not only in France, but also in continental Europe. Supply of some sort was an absolute necessity.

The great king created many programs and institutes to infuse more of the arts into French culture. Greenwood Press, 39, [2] Peter H. Under the theory of absolutism, sovereignty is grounded in God, not the people. The state was able to manipulate cultural developments and take them to unprecedented heights.

Still considering himself infallible, he only saw the glorious image of France he ordered his artisans to develop.

ByFrance was near to losing all it had gained over the past century. Louis XIV lived from and became the king of France in At the time he became king, France was financially ruined, politically corrupt, and divided between warring nobles and private armies and under the threat of riots from the people, especially in Paris.

We will write a custom essay sample on Absolutism [ ]. Sun King Historians over three centuries have both defended and criticized Louis XIV’s controversial reign.

Many people hailed him as a great king; supreme as the sun he deemed his emblem. A great king is an unselfish one who is able to consider the people’s interest before their own. Louis XIV (5th September – 1st September ), known as Louis the Great (Louis le Grand) or the Sun King (le Roi-Solei), was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King.

Hyacinthe Rigaud, Louis XIV,oil on canvas, 9’2” x 6’3”. Musée du Louvre, Paris Musée du Louvre, Paris The early seventeenth century was marked by unrest and near constant warfare; however, by the mid seventeenth century, France had emerged as Europe’s largest and most powerful country.

Louis XIV, France’s Sun King Essay - Louis XIV, France’s Sun King Louis XIV, France’s Sun King, had the longest reign in European history (). During this time he brought absolute monarchy to its height, established a glittering court at Versailles, and fought most of the other European countries in four wars.

Louis Xiv, the Sun King

Louis XIV An absolute monarch is a ruler who governs alone and is not restrained by laws, or a constitution. Absolutism is the belief that one ruler should hold power within a country.

Absolutism is the belief that one ruler should hold power within a country.

King louis xiv a disastrous ruler essay
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