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As the boat leaves the village, Ratan stands with tears streaming down her eyes, her strong hope to depend upon a relationship being broken. She does everything she can to prove herself a valuable companion.

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But more than anything, I liked the ironical and satirical tone, which made the story readable and entertaining. A hesitation to owe your feelings often result in a permanent loss.

The Postmaster -Summary

She knew her position and never disobeyed her master. When postmaster and Ratan would strike up a conversation they would forget that the dinner needed to be cooked.


Once she met the postmaster, 'Dada', Essay on postmaster spent her days with him. What response did she get. He thinks of it as an absurd idea and she is haunted by his reaction.

Again the reader is subjected to the miscommunication present between the two characters. In Essay on postmaster, he stops only once to consider her feelings. She then routinely lights the fire needed for cooking. They referred to Ratan and the Postmaster. Ratan stepped into the roll of mother and nursed the postmaster.

Her dream of an attachment to Dada is crushed and she experiences humiliation and heartbreak. Occasionally she sneaks looks inside the shed and sees him sitting, or lying down, or gazing off into the distance.

350 words sample essay on Post Office

Without a family, she has little or no money to offer and thus, is viewed as nothing more than a servant girl by Dadababu Generally, the parents of a young Indian girl like Ratan would actively search for the perfect spouse for their daughter.

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There were also many Indians who adamantly resisted any British influence, thus creating divisions within Indian society. He tells himself that meeting, attachment, and departing are all part of life.

There, the letters are separated according to the place they are to be sent. Then she heard him call her. Generally, the parents of a young Indian girl like Ratan would actively search for the perfect spouse for their daughter.

When his petition is denied, Dadababu simply resigns and informs Ratan of his departure. So Ratan was not called. The Government of India has declared some saving schemes for the sick and the retired person.

She pores over the lessons. One feels romantic on seeing green leaves, is stirred by beauty of the moon, while the other believes love is equivalent to caring for a sick man, and dutifully serving your lover. She is broken, when he has to leave without her.

She asks him to take her with him. Summary of “The Postmaster”1: Rabindranath Tagore’s short story, “The Postmaster” centers around a young postmaster named Dadababu.

Dadababu has been transferred from Calcutta to a small Indian village, Ulapur, for a position as postmaster. Postmaster General John Potter is a lifelong postal employee well acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of the US Postal Service (USPS).

He is the 71st successor to Benjamin Franklin, and is the longest-serving postal head since the s and only the sixth postal worker promoted from within. Essay about The Postmaster This is a comparative study of the conflict and the theme of separation and relationship between ‘The Postmaster ” and ‘The Castaway’.

Both have written by Rabindranath Tagore. The Postmaster "The Postmaster" is a story about a postmaster and an orphan village girl named Ratan. Somehow, he becomes very fond of the little orphan girl, Ratan and vice versa. Post-office is very helpful to us.

It helps us in many ways. Through post office we send and get our letters. It is a branch of Indian postal department.

The Postmaster -Summary

In past there was no post office at all. The letters were sent and got through messengers throughout the countries. It was an expensive thing as. The postmaster takes the trouble of teaching Ratan, and she comes closer to the elderbrotherly degisiktatlar.comr, the village doesn't suit the postmaster who applies for transfer on health grounds.

Essay on postmaster
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