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He controlled them through fear and unethical behavior taking advantage of his superior position. Leadership styles Abstract This report explains how the leadership styles suit individual member of a team.

This report, I will give the various ways of leadership styles that will suit and individual in a firm or company. She came up with a strategy to use managers from the department that was requesting more employees to designate the job fairs and hiring process so that way the human resources department would not be overwhelmed, which was beneficial because managers in the various departments knew exactly, which potential employees would work best for their department.

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This story is perfectly valid for the real world business environment. This report, I will give the various ways of leadership styles that will suit and individual in a firm or company.

This leads to high productivity and engagement. According to Yukl Occupations would include fire-fighters, police, nursing, and the armed forces. This indicate that the leader have the ability to inspire his followers and get them to know his vision and his willingness to do something because the followers actually want to do it.

Supportive leadership style Leaders who choose a more supportive role believe that their employees are motivated by more than just a paycheck. There are advantages and disadvantages that exist within each leadership style.

There are differences in leadership and management and these will be discussed under each sub-heading. Most of the information from this report is got from other website where people can openly post their articles, Articles Essay leadership styles being referred to but not included in the report, as it is not from a reliable source like Wikipedia have be avoided.

As an example in the police if a woman has kids the leader would let her go home and ask others to stay behind. She also displayed excellent planning skills. Conclusion Leadership is the ability to influence other people to follow.

The pacesetting leadership style: Both of them have strong characteristics of leaders but one is dominated by negative features and the other one by ethical and moral principles. The key to this is communicating and it can only be done when opinions are listened by group. It is enough to have only one way of leading, different circumstances requires separate method of management styles.

According to Joubert as quoted by Mthembu, Gen Irene will take his place, becoming the true leader for the prisoners but also for the guards that will prove their respect by refusing to shut him down. The Afflictive Style of Leadership: Point of view towards risk and chances: He was proud of his performance as a prison director where no one intended to escape and no murders took place.

Jil displayed many traits of an excellent leader. She used a high-level plan to keep moving everyone in the human resources department as well as the organization toward the same goal, which was to hire more employees. This leadership styles also has his advantages and disadvantages, but it is also important to know that some of them damages organizations in long-term by reducing flexibility and dedication of employees.

In the end of the movie, Winter losses command on the prisoners, on the guards and finally on himself. It can air concerns and articulate points of view. That is, leaders undertake positive changes in the organisation by way of setting out new vision of achieving productivity level while the roles of managers fit into the changes in my organisation.

The wall that was demolished by the prisoners is the symbolic act of recognizing their new leader and of accepting to fallow his order.

The different between the leadership and management are; Subordinates and followers control: This leadership styles helps in building a team in the firm, they put the employees first in the agenda in the aspect of encouragement and also feedback, and they also have a good relationship with the team.

It is important in a firm and does not matter if you manage a company of employees or even if you are the only employee.

It is known to be the expert in the firm since it sees the way forward, directing the company to success, they lead the team to achieve their goal and this can be effective when there is a new direction.

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The Last Castle – Leadership Styles

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. There are many leadership styles from which to select one but dependes upon the situation.


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Leadership is a skill that is practiced and entails a person being able to give directions to an organization, group of individuals or a department. Leadership; Different Leadership Styles in the Public Service; A Pages: 5 Words: This is just a sample.

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Hi, I am Jennyfer from PhD Essay. Hi there, would you like. Leadership style has been shown to be a major factor in the effectiveness of the organization, and different leadership styles are sometimes more effective in different situations. DuBrin, Ireland, and Williams () note that effective organizational leaders are generally consistent in the way /5(20).

The Last Castle – Leadership Styles ESSEY THE LAST CASTLE This movie presents the internal structure of an organization and also a parallel between two leading styles. The leadership style of two individuals will have consequences on the people they lead and on the final of the conflict.

Essay leadership styles
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